welcome to mezereem jewelry


ABOUT HER. As a Dutch born native I was given the name Daphne van der Meulen. I am the designer, maker and creative behind Studio Mezereem. My path to jewelry design was a circuitous one. After completing my studies at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, the Netherlands in 2003, I moved to New York city. Where I started working in an architectural firm, soon realising I was unable to fully express my perfect imperfect designs in the land of boundaries in the world of architecture. I autonomously started focusing on jewelry as a creative outlet, little did I know that I then and there found my true passion - designing and making jewelry. I have recently taken the bold step to pursue this dream professionally. I draw my inspiration from the urban jungle I live in, and mother nature trying to creep between the harsh city environment. I look for boundaries of textures, and interesting ways to take a new look at existing materials. I like to deceive, overlap and transform, until the moment you don’t recognize the original substance anymore. In 2005 I founded Studio Mezereem. Together with my partner and son, I currently live and work in Amsterdam.

ABOUT HER WORK. My jewelry designs can be seen as a carrier of memory, both to the maker and the wearer. I wish for my jewelry to accompany you on your life’s journey. It will be affected over time, it will change by wearing it and it will make new memories along the way. My jewelry is detailed and minimal at the same time. I strive to make comfortable jewelry objects that were designed to be worn day in and out. I hope that my jewelry is meaningful to you, the wearer, and becomes part of your personal memories.

ABOUT THE STUDIO. Studio Mezereem is an independent one women jewelry brand in the heart of Amsterdam - the Netherlands. Mezereem was founded in early 2005 by Daphne van der Meulen. Mezereem believes in an ethical studio environment. By ethical I mean that our work environment is a happy, healthy and safe place to work. I pay myselve and my suppliers a good wage and consider the weekends as non working days. I strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible, by using recycled materials where I can and to keep investigating into other more friendly recourses and suppliers. I partner with local suppliers, who are mainly family owned businesses or individual artisans with many years of experience. I love the craftsmanship and invest to continuously educate myselve. I use high quality tools which are made to last a lifetime or more. I focus on small scale production and am not serving the mass consumer. 

ABOUT MEZEREEM. Where does this name come from you might think. Well, Daphne Mezereum is a small toxic berry tree, that has inherited its name from a Greek Mythological story. According to Wikipedia “There are several versions of the myth in which she appears, but the general narrative appears in Greco-Roman mythology, is that due to a curse made by the god Cupid, son of Venus, on the god Apollo (Phoebus), she became the unwilling object of the infatuation of Apollo, who chased her against her wishes. Just before being raped by him, Daphne pleaded to her river god father for help, who transformed her into a laurel tree, thus foiling Apollo. Thenceforth Apollo developed a special reverence for laurel. At the Pythian Games which were held every four years in Delphi in honour of Apollo, a wreath of laurel gathered from the Vale of Tempe in Thessaly was given as a prize. Hence it later became customary to award prizes in the form of laurel wreaths to victorious generals, athletes, poets and musicians, worn as a chaplet on the head.” You can find a beautiful marble sculpture of Daphne being transformed into a laurel tree at the Galleria Borghese in Rome. Which was made by the sculptor and architect Bernini (1598-1680)